Headband 4 Ways + Giveaway

Today I have teamed up with to offer a couple lucky readers a headband of their choice and some cute bows. I love wearing headbands especially when it’s hot and I want to keep my hair out of my face. Today I am showing 4 easy ways to wear your favorite bands. 
1. Hair Down
 When I wear headbands with my hair down I put it on like a crown, so the band goes over my hair. I always off center the center of the band so the focal point (in this case the knot) is to the side and not dead center on my head. Do a mini part in the front and then brush your hair back for the last 3/4ths of your dome, it helps create volume. 
2. Messy Bun
I love a good top knot. Throwing a headband over to help keep fly aways from falling down gives it a good polished look. You can see my how to video on messy buns . 
3. Low Bun
For this look, I  start with my hair down and brush it over my ears. Place the headband over your head (crown look again) and gather your hair in a messy bun on the opposite side of the center headband detail. I always pull a couple pieces out of the bun after to shape around my face so it looks loose and unfinished.
4. High Pony
I always put the headband on first when sporting a high pony. This look works better when your hair is a couple days unwashed and has that messy look. I never use a brush when I’m doing a messy pony. Gather your hair (bumps and all) and put in your elastic. Loosen the hair in between the headband and your pony then tighten the elastic again. This helps create bumps and gives it a raw look.