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Happy Friday everyone! This week has been so busy! Wednesday was Mara (my step daughter’s) birthday and today is mine. We have been running around getting ready for her party tonight. It’s so much more exciting getting ready for kids birthdays then your own 🙂

I had crazy cramps yesterday and I thought I was going into labor.  I was like crap I can’t have three birthdays in a row (Mara, babies, and mine) Thankfully he must have just been moving in a weird position or something and after a couple hours it went away.

I have had quite a few emails lately (I love your emails!) asking about my pregnancy wardrobe. I would say hands down an absolute must is maternity jeans. I have a couple different brands but these are so unique because the bands are on the side. Most pregnancy jeans have a large band that goes over your stomach so you don’t have a button anymore. These stretch on the side so you still have a button and can tuck in your shirts (you all know I love the half tucked in look :). Needless to say these baggy boyfriend jeans have been on repeat.

Hope you have a great weekend!