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Women get a bad reputation for being hard to shop for but at least we know what we want! There are so many great gifts for men and they can be so easy going. You know he will like everything, but it is the search for that one thing he will love (and actually use!) that makes him impossible to shop for. Fortunately, from head to toe to tech,  always seems to have a selection of items that I know I can’t go wrong with like those listed below:

1.  This  in this season’s hottest (and manliest!) print will keep your man warm and on-point this season.

2.You can’t go wrong with a good pair of denim. are Cody’s favorite. They are a skinny slim fit with out being “too tight”. We all have that pair of jeans we would wear every day if we could and so should he.

3. Men need to stay warm too and what better way than with a soft .

4. Slippers are the ‘free spaces’ of your gift list, but you get extra points if they are as comfortable as .

5. Whether or not you are adding to his tech collection with new gadgets, you can’t go wrong with a  that let’s him get the most of of his tech toys.

6. Treat him like the hero in your life with this sleek  that seems to belong in a Bond movie. 

7. Help your man keep all of his ideas  in one place with these fun .

8. Socks used to be the brunt of the Christmas gift joke but not anymore with socks like .

9. Nike is always adding new styles but is one to pounce on now. I just ordered these beauties for Cody for Christmas. They will pair perfectly with his.

10. Bring the music outside for a family BBQ or camping trip with your man with a .

11. Help your man stick to his upcoming health resolutions with this .

What’s on your man’s wish list this year?



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  1. Jade

    Great ideas – and so true on the men’s gifting thing. He never gives me any good suggestions!

  2. Whit

    Loving the new Nikes! I want one in every color. Now time to create a gift guide for women because my guy definitely needs a few more hints.

  3. Paige Flamm

    I love those slippers!


  4. Liz

    Great picks! It really can be tough to find the right gift that he’ll love, but these picks are sure to be perfect!

    Check out my gift guide for him incase you need some more ideas


  5. sasa

    Great picks<3

  6. Benedetta

    such a great guide!

  7. Ludivina Amezcua

    Love your style and choices!

  8. Shae

    Great gift guide for him! I’m loving Ugg slippers for everyone this year. And you can never go wrong with a new pair of Nikes!

    S. Roderick