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Does anyone else’s hair come in last priority when you are in a rush to get ready? I’ve perfected this 5 minute messy curl for my on the go looks. It’s accented with an extreme side part to create volume to the look.   A deep part is all over the runways, from pony-tails to loose locks.  Play up the volume with some  for a bombshell effect.

  1. Start with your hair parted normally (mine is a little to the side normally) or down the middle.
  1. Open the clip of the curling iron and wrap your hair one to two times around the barrel of the .  Do not curl all the way to the end! I leave at least two inches uncurled at the end. When your curling use big sections of hair. The bigger the section of hair the looser the curl will be the smaller the section of hair the tighter the curl will be. I only do two maybe three sections on one side of my head. Leave a few sections underneath (closest to your ear) straight so it doesn’t look so put together. I love . I got it at Sally Beauty a couple years ago and it’s still my favorite.
  1. Tilt your curling iron at a 45° angle to your body over your shoulder. A time crunch is your friend here – the quicker the curl the better. You’re going after more of a 3rd-4th day curl so you don’t want to hold the curl for very long.
  2. Use a  to create an extreme side part. Curl that section of hair by briefly wrapping it around the curling iron and slide it down quickly instead of holding it in place. You want the top curl on each side to be for a loose, messy wave.