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Hey guys! How was your weekend? I took a couple days to unplug and not really be on my phone or computer. Sometime’s it’s nice to have a little break 🙂 We did some deep cleaning – I love the feeling of dejunking! You with me?? And I actually cooked a meal haha, I don’t cook dinner too often, we eat out a lot, but I was feeling more ambitious with our freshly clean house!

Sneakers with dresses is one of my favorite looks – it’s the perfect balance of feminine and boyish. If it’s a combination you haven’t tried yet, start with the basics: and .  You can’t go wrong with a slight twist on the timeless denim and sneakers look, just swap out your jeans for a . I love the shift silhouette of .   are usually a great shoe to start with – they are sleeker than a lot of other athletic sneakers (which are still a great look with a dress, in my opinion!) so it’s an easy step in the right direction.

The best part about mi the dressy and casual elements is it gives you more options when accessorizing – you can take it more sophisticated or boyish depending on the occasion. For more of a menswear look, I love the finishing effect of a for a classic all-american look that’s perfect for your end of summer BBQs or baseball games.  Rock a minimalist look or add a feminine silhouette by tying a around your waist.




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