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I’ve always loved big hair and lots of volume. I wanted curls so badly that in high school I went for it and got a tight curl perm. Let’s just say big mistake. Now that the 70’s are back in full force it’s the perfect time to go for the big volume curls again. Today I am sharing a tutorial on easy, tight voluminous curls (without the crazy perm ;). I found this new little curling device at  – they have a great selection of hairstyling tools for almost anything you can think of. I used the  and it made it so much easier for fast tight curls.

  1. Start with clean, dry hair.
  • Plug in your . I used the highest heat setting and used the 12 second curl. There are three options: 8/10/12 seconds. For looser curls do the lower heat setting and less time.
  • I curl my hair in sections, going from side to side. No rhyme or reason to it – I just section the top layer on one side and pin it up with a clip or bobby pin so I can get the lower layers all curled. My front bang pieces are always the last pieces I curl and I never do a tight curl next to my face! I always do a loose curl to shape my face at the end.