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With both of us working multiple jobs and some overlap between, one thing Cody and I have learned is how to make the most of our time together. As far as work and planning, we always have weekly meetings to go over our goals, schedule, and plans for the upcoming week either at home or at a new spot we’ve found somewhere in the city. It seems like during that time it’s still hard to disconnect from our other jobs. We might both get 20 texts and a handful of phone calls over the course of our meeting, so 30 minutes might turn into 2 hours. We’ve made it a rule to set our phones aside so we are effective during that time. But sometimes there’s urgent things, and I am a freak about being away from B so I am always texting the babysitter checking to make sure he’s ok (ya I’m that crazy annoying mom! 🙂

Cody and I both recently got the , Engineered by HP smartwatch which allows us to unplug for a little bit without going completely off-grid. With the  we can set our own priorities and alerts so we know when we are getting texts or calls from family, the babysitter or other work calls we are waiting on. It lights up so cool I always get kind of excited lol. It makes it so much easier to stay productive and make the most of our planning time together. I’ve always loved the look of a boyfriend watch and  is sleek and easy to transform from a busy day to a date night. While disconnecting is very important to us, this smartwatch is definitely one of those fashion pieces that does double duty by helping you keep track of important updates so you can make the most of your 24 hours.

You can see more of this look on .

XX, Christine

*Photos by . In collaboration with Movado and HP.

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  1. Yana

    You two look so cute. I love your outfit! 🙂

  2. sasa

    Love your top<3

  3. Michelle

    You two are the cutest couple ever. And I love your outfit here!

  4. Jade

    Love the posts with both of you! Especially with the matching watches. So cute!

  5. Hayley Larue

    So in love with how your Chanel completes this look! <3

  6. Whit

    So cool!!! and still such a pretty watch. Love it!

  7. Lauren

    I love boyfriend style watches too and even cuter that you both have matching ones! x

  8. Patricia


  9. Holly

    I love the idea of this watch… reminds me of an apple watch but I like the look of it a lot more. I also also am obsessed with the jeans you’re wearing Christine.. they are exactly what I have been looking for!
    Last, I love the way you turned that dress into a top. It is quite quite expensive so the fact that you have figured a way to get more wear out of it is brilliant!
    Thank you so much for sharing… I love following along, you guys are seriously beautiful people.

  10. Irina Bond

    I thought it would be the Chanel bag (I kid)! But great watches. 🙂

    xo, Irina Bond |

  11. Kristie

    loving that top!

  12. Diana

    Love this! Super cute photos.

    || D I A N A ||

  13. Natali

    Your top is SO wonderful and I like your watch very much!
    Great photos!

  14. Rachel

    I love your top! And I couldn’t agree more, a watch is essential when you have a busy schedule and this watch sounds amazing!


  15. Laura

    an all black watch is on my wish list and you make me want one even more!

  16. Melissa Benhoff

    A watch has totally been one of my “Must Get” accessories the last few months. I don’t know why I haven’t pulled the trigger already! Love love love the black on the ones you feature.

    PS. How do you not freeze in that top in the snow!?

    Xo Melissa

  17. Dominique

    You two are so gorgeous and stylish! Wish I could manage walking around in Louboutins all day! xx

  18. Hi Tea Style

    Such a cute look! I love your top and jeans!

  19. Ava Kirke

    Im drooling over those shoes

  20. Sarah

    That top is so gorgeous! I’m loving the details in the sleeves!

    x Sarah

  21. Laura Mitbrodt

    You guys look so great together!

  22. Kristina

    Love your blouse and you two look soo cool together, adorable outfits 🙂
    ♡ Kristina

  23. Tracy

    How did you convert the dress into a top? Such a great idea but I would have though the dress would be too long. Did you pin the hem?

    1. I just tucked it into my jeans and folded it over if that makes sense 🙂 So it can still be worn as a dress with out any sewing 🙂

  24. Diana

    What is your nail polish?

  25. Makayla M.

    These watches are too cute! Love how you guys match. Couldn’t get any cuter than this.


  26. Ashley

    Absolutely love this outfit!

  27. Paula

    Love the black lace and the snow coming down! Gorgeous!

  28. tristan knowlton

    I love your posts !! They are so inspiring. I think I have read each and every one. no joke.
    How do you find those pants fit and feel? I am always struggling to find the perfect pair and those pants are exactly what I am looking for !! (it’s just scary to purchase jeans online without knowing the fit).


  29. Abbie

    Absolutely love this outfit! You guys look so great together. I like blue crack jeans. That top is so gorgeous. I like this combination. Your sunglasses is also so cool!!! Superb !!!

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