Oahu Hawaii Travel Guide: Beaches, Shark Diving, and Dining

I am a little behind, but I finally finished our travel diary and from Hawaii. I wish we could have been there for another week to explore more of the island it was paradise! Below were some of our favorite areas and attractions:


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Our first full day on the Island we spent on the North Shore. There was a tropical storm coming in so the waves were huge. Most of the beaches were closed off and only open to experienced surfers. After a couple stops we finally found one beach with small waves we could play in the water. It was pretty, but kind of rocky. The kids were just excited to be in the water they didn’t notice. They just kept burying each other in the sand it was cute!

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What is Hawaii with out shaved ice?! Matsumoto Shave Ice is famous on the North Shore. There is almost always a line but the shave ice is delicious! Mara got root beer and that was one of the best flavors! It’s actually a lot cheaper in Hawaii then back home –  I think it was only like $2. They also have a ton of food trucks on this side of the island. Try the shrimp!

The best part of the North Shore was cage diving with the sharks!! This had been on my bucket list for a long time (I am deathly afraid of sharks!) and so worth the wait!! We went through and they were amazing! If I could say do anything in Hawaii do this! I called and had a million questions – like has anyone ever been bitten lol! They were so helpful and the guides on the boat were so great with the kids. Even as we got into the cage I was scared, but once you are in the water you realize what amazing creatures they are! So peaceful and beautiful! I have such a new outlook and respect for them now! All the kids went in the water and did really well! Shark Week is a family event at our house so it was a special thing to do as a family.

NORTH SHORE HIGHLIGHTS: Cage Diving with Sharks go through , Shave Ice at Matsumoto, Great for Surfing, Food Trucks


Two seconds before he just back flopped and dunked me!

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This was hands down our favorite beach. One of the locals told us about this little path next to someone’s house that takes you to the more secluded areas of the beach. It was so perfect. The water was bright blue, the sand was so soft, and the waves were shallow and calm so the kids could wade in and play. We spent three of our days just rela here because we loved it so much. You can kayak to an island a little ways off the beach, but we didn’t think B would hold still all the way across so we didn’t make it this time around but I’m hoping when we go back to do it! Also I have a couple of in different colors and love them! They are great for the beach and vacations.

This was one of our favorite restaurants about 5 minutes from the beach. Their pizza and sandwiches are really good and the service is so great. We asked one of the waitresses about the best place to hike and good beaches near by and her and four other people all came to give us advice. Everyone was so friendly!

LANIKAI HIGHLIGHTS: Prettiest Beaches, Calm Waters, Kalapawai Cafe and Deli




Waikiki Beach is where our hotel was – the beaches were busier, but there is lots to do: shops, restaurants, beaches, and tourist attractions. This is where we went parasailing. The kids loved this! You can fit 3 people on a parasail so Cody and I both got to ride with each of the kids. We found a coupon in one of the tourist books, so look for a deal 🙂 Waikiki also has fireworks at the beach every Friday night so try and make it on a Friday.

You can see more on pics from our trip, Waikiki Beach, and where we stayed here.

WAIKIKI BEACH: Shopping, Tourist Area, Leis for the Family, Fireworks

Below is a mini travel diary from our trip. If I could say one thing about traveling is take videos! We only shared a few for the travel diary, some we keep just for the family, but looking back on videos are my favorite! The kids love watching them and I feel like they capture the moments so much more 🙂 Thanks so much for following along!

Working on our video from Mexico now! Hoping to have that video and travel diary done this week or early next week so I don’t get so far behind 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

XX, Christine

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    I am totally obsessed with Oahu! My boyfriend and I went last April and we cannot wait to return. Your list of things you did was amazing but you missed one amazing spot.. Leanoard’s bakery!! Next time you go you need to stop in and get one of their Malsada’s they are baked fresh to order and are seriously to die for!

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