13 Pieces To Snag On Sale Today

DETAILS: 1. (30% OFF) | 2.  (30% OFF) | 3.  (40% OFF) – LOVE  | 4.  (30% OFF) (ALSO LOVE ) | 5. (20% OFF) | 6.  (30% OFF) | 7.  (30% OFF) | 8.  (40% OFF) | 9.  (40% OFF) | 10.  (30% OFF) | 11.  (30% OFF) | 12.  (40% OFF) | 13.  (20$ OFF)

Hey guys! I was popping over to Shopbop yesterday and saw the are having a surprise sale – don’t you love when that happens! They had some great styles on sale through tomorrow- some new ones and then some of my old favorites that have been on repeat in my wardrobe. So I wanted to share a few of my top picks from the sale at up to 40% off!

I love me some bikinis but I’ve been drawn towards one pieces lately! Love that shows just the right amount of skin. is also a great fringe piece that is perfect for the beach or your upcoming summer vacations and you know I couldn’t get past the off-the-shoulder options without falling for one… how pretty is  in ivory? I also am obsessed with this amazing blush tote. It’s such a pretty color and I love .

There are also a few pieces I’ve been featuring lately that just went on sale including (last seen in this post) and that I have been wearing non-stop lately. I also have  and got  which you probably recognize from last summer when I wore them all the time – such a good buy!

Find a few more great pieces on sale up to 40% off below:



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  1. sasa

    Great picks:P

  2. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Simply beautiful picks … Lovely stuffs to make anyone smiles for. 🙂

  3. Sara Kate Styling

    Wow. That red dress is fierce!!!! Love these picks…


  4. Liz - Shopping My Closet

    Great pick on the red dress! I picked it in my latest roundup!

    Liz @

  5. Lauren

    Great picks! Shopbop has the cutest things, I’m obsessed with the flares you posted I may have to get those!! Thanks for sharing Christine 🙂


  6. Hannah

    Great picks – love that swimsuit!!

    xx Hannah

  7. brett

    LOVE those jeans!

  8. Danni

    I feel in love with the red dress. I need to get it! thanks for the wonderful picks


  9. Christina Beauchamp

    What a fabulous roundup! I adore your picks. I also included that amaze fringe top in my sale roundup today – it’s divine! And I’m loving those suede platform sandals. They’re everything!

    hugs, Christina

  10. Thays Dos Santos

    These are all such good deals! Sadly most of my money has been spent on food. Hope you are having a wonderul day gorgeous!

  11. Lamont

    love the 13th.bag

  12. Jatin

    Simply beautiful outfit.

  13. Jada Nicola

    Love that red dress!

  14. Monika

    These dresses are awesome!

  15. Kari

    That red dress is super sexy!

  16. paula

    Love that suit!


  17. The Ocean's Dock

    Beautiful pics!! I love the white dress. xx

  18. JohnNIE

    This is wonderful! You should check out shopsummer91.etsy.com

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