The back of the ship has this Boardwalk area that’s all open they have rides, Johnny Rockets, Starbucks, a huge slide, a zip line across the back it feels like a real boardwalk.

This is the giant dry slide off the back of the ship! Ahhh it’s sooooo cool! I can’t wait to take the kids on it in the Fall!

On the night we set sail, they had a celebration since it was the first time the ship had been out to sea with passengers! Everyone got dressed up and they had a champagne toast!

When we were taking off their was hundreds of boats and sail boats in the bay. It was so pretty! I had my aperture on the wrong setting and you can’t really see them but it was so pretty!

Growing up I went on cruises with my family every year. We would go with all my cousins and it was always one of my favorite trips so now every time I step on a cruise ship it makes me nostalgic. I was so excited to team up with Royal Caribbean to experience the maiden voyage of their newest ship – Harmony of the Seas. We went with a few other influencers and it was such a good group – everyone had so much fun! It still gave me that same nostalgia but aside from that it was unlike any cruise ship I had ever been on as a kid.

Each area of the ship felt like a different city. One of my favorite areas on the ship was the Boardwalk. It had a cute carousel, arcade games, hot dogs, Starbucks, the works. I know it’s crazy but hot dogs are one of my favorite foods lol. Of course loaded with onions and all the goods! Cody and I “love to challenge each other” aka we are both crazy competitive. So it was fun to make a date night out of all the games! There was also a zipline and the tallest slide at sea, the Ultimate Abyss (10 stories!). It was sooooo fast! We are going back again in November or December for one of her very first sailings in the US and I can’t wait to take the kids! They are going to be in heaven!

There was so much to see, eat, and do on the cruise that it makes you never want to get off the ship. Another one of my favorite parts was all the food variation. It’s not like the typical buffets anymore, they had so many different restaurants to choose from and a lot of gourmet options. I (of course) had to try Jamie’s Italian – their cured meat and Italian cheese ‘planks’ (served on a board) are sooo good make sure to get one of those for an appetizer! There were more than 20 different places on board to eat – I wish I had gotten to try all of them but next time! Can’t wait to share more this winter!

XX, Christine

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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Beautiful and lovely photos. 🙂

  2. pia

    wow these pics are perfect! Love your black dress!

  3. Natali

    Ah you guys!!! Such a beautiful photos and looks like you had a wonderful cruise!! I love your black dress, it’s a masterpiece and suits you perfectly. I have never been to a cruise, but this post def. made me think of going to one asap!

  4. Devon

    Aww I’ve been on this ship before – but not in England! My sister Charlee (10) was obsessed with all the rides and it took a lot of courage to do the zip line – but it was awesome!

  5. Diana

    Aww these photos are too cute!
    || D I A N A ||

  6. Claudia

    You guys are so cute!


  7. Torey Beerman

    What an amazing and memorable trip! Thanks for sharing 😉


  8. Tess Felber

    I’ve become a cruise fan myself! It just makes vacation that much more rela and this ship looks UNREAL! You and Cody are the cutest together! Love the shoes 🙂

    Tess |

  9. brett

    you look so pretty in that black dress! looks like a fun cruise!

  10. Sue

    What a cute couple! I like the outfits guys!


  11. Marina

    Lovely photos! The black dress is stunning!


  12. Monika

    You both look so stylish!

  13. Alyssa

    Love all of these photos! And that mint green jacket is stunning! xx

  14. Erin @ Her Heartland Soul

    So fun!!

    Her Heartland Soul

  15. Simi

    You two look beautiful as always! Lovely dress, but it could be even nicer in a brighter color 🙂

  16. sasa

    Beautiful! It looks so fun!

  17. Mattie

    I love that you are classy. Most of these days, bloggers and YouTubers seem to dress more “trashy.” I love how you are classy, well put together, and still extremely trendy!! You definitely relate to my style. I am very impressed with your blog!

  18. Caterina

    Great pics. Seems you had a lot of fun.
    Love it


  19. Kate

    Christine, these pictures are gorgeous and your trip looks like so much fun! And that black dress + those jeweled heels are stunning on you!
    -Kate //

  20. Eloise

    Does anyone know where both pairs of shoes are from? I’m in love

  21. Briana

    Lucky You! Just Beautiful!


  22. vera

    Beautiful photos!!

  23. Pam

    You always wear the nicest outfits♥ Love seeing your hubby as well, you two are the cutest! xo

  24. Anne

    I discovered many new things from your article. Thank you for this!

    Anne xxx

  25. Sara Kate

    So fun!! Nothing better than a cruise! Thanks for sharing!! Love the lace and shoes too.


  26. Erika Altes

    I really like both your looks but I especially love your first look! That mint jacket is absolute perfection! xoxox

  27. Sharan

    So cute! Looks like fun!


  28. katheryn

    Looks like you had a blast

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