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Bedroom Gallery Wall

I love this drawing Mara did of the whole family. The kids are so good at art! I love to save it all, I have a box full of all the random pieces they have done through the years. I was so excited to be able to mail in one of their pieces to get framed. I’m obsessed with the floating mount they did!

We knew we wanted to get maps of places that were important to us and love these prints of Paris and London. Paris has always had special meaning to me, it was the first mother son trip I did alone with B, but getting to go back this summer with the whole family made it more magical. The Eiffel Tower was the kids’ favorite spot – more so than anywhere else we visited in Europe. Then London was the first place Cody and I went on our first real adult trip (being away from the kids for more than just a day); it was special to us because it’s also where Cody served his mission.

These are all tickets from memories or events that hold special meaning to me and Cody, but the best part is that Cody is actually the one that saved all of these ticket stubs! He has the first movie we went to and everything! He is always better about remembering dates and stuff than I am.

9 stands for the month Cody and I got married and it also has some other personal meanings behind it for both of us.

Styling tip: Stagger your frames to add depth and interest when you are laying out your frames. Cody proposed to me on a golf course and when we were getting to know each other we use to sit and talk for hours and  take walks on the golf course so we wanted to incorporate the meaning subtly and found this cool golf ball print.




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We have been in our house for over a year and still haven’t hung any frames in our room! It’s something I’ve really wanted to do but we never got around to actually making it happen. It’s crazy because we literally take pictures every week, but I never got around to framing things.

Since our bedroom is more of an intimate space we wanted to create a gallery wall that was really meaningful to us, where every piece has a special meaning or memory behind it. Not all of those pieces were typical “art” pieces – some were drawings from the kids and little mementos we had saved over time which meant custom framing. I can be a bit of a perfectionist and overanalyze every single detail, so I had to map out everything and rearrange it 20 times because I am so indecisive lol.

 made it super easy and has visual mock-ups so you can really see and picture the space. You upload your prints or images (we also sent in some personal mementos we wanted framed – they send you a prepaId label and packaging so you can send the pieces in really easily) and view them in any frame until you decide on the frame you want. (You can use their gallery wall service for under $100 and they will create a mock up with the frames in your space.) I’m such a visual person, I liked getting a true picture of what it was going to look like before I had everything framed.

We wanted the design to be sleek but still light and airy so we decided to stick with thin white and black frames. We landed on the black frames and for the white frames and I love how clean and minimalist it turned out for the space. They also have some really cool embellished frames – I love   and . I’m planning on getting for some other spots in our home.

Also I have to point this out because I am less than handy when it comes to hanging stuff! I have relied on my dad way tooooo much throughout the years to always help me. 🙂 All the frames came wired, with the proper nail and hook depending on the picture size. This was soooo helpful because when I went to hang the prints in my office it took my two trips to the store to get the right nails and wire to hang my pieces!

We had so much fun putting the wall together. It’s always crazy to me how much hanging things make a space feel so much better and that those sentimental reminders and mementos are so much better on display than in a box. 🙂 I’ve partnered with  to offer an exclusive discount code for you guys! First time customers can get 15% off now through December 9th 2016 with code: HELLOFASHION15. Framed pictures or art would be the best gifts for grandparents for the holiday!

 XX, Christine

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  1. Michelle

    Love your bedroom! The white and grey is fabulous!

  2. Peppermint Dolly

    I adore this, it looks so good – you chose really well – all the pieces compliment each other beautifully


  3. Liz - Shopping My Closet

    Love the black and white gallery!

    Liz @

  4. Jo

    Once again great style and you always find a way to include your beautiful family. Love your blog always fashionable and within reach. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Lauren

    Love your gallery wall! My hubs and I need to do that. Thanks for the inspo!

    Where is your baby blue top from? Looks darling on you!

  6. Josie

    Love how airy and bright your room is! The pictures in the frames make it even more personal. I do have a tiny question, is this a Queen or King sized bed?

    xo Josie

  7. Josie

    Love how airy and bright your room is! The pictures in the frames make it even more personal. I do have a tiny question, is this a Queen or King sized bed?

    xo Josie

      1. Josie

        thank you so much xo

  8. brett

    That bedroom looks gorgeous! And your messy bun is perfect!

  9. Caterina

    Looks very stylish and comfortable. The Couch is perfect. Would like to have a one like this.


  10. Sophie

    This is so chic, love the black and white!

    I post every Monday and Thursday, I would love it if you checked out my blog!

  11. Pam

    This is adorable! I love how sentimental each piece is to you and your lovely family! <3

  12. Jenni

    Oh my god, so gorgeous! I especially love the Paris & London prints. I was wondering if you could share where you got them? xx

  13. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Simplicity has never been so more beautiful . . . Such great peaceful tones and decoration for a bedroom . . . Such sweet dreams! 🙂

  14. Joanna

    I love the light blue shirt you’re wearing! Where is that from? I want it!

  15. Ev

    OMG Perfect!
    Always love your posts and beautiful photos 🙂

    Love, Ev

  16. Siostry Andrzejewskie

    Wow! Piękny pokój *.*

  17. melissa

    the seafoam blouse with the black tie what brand is it…

  18. McKenzie Utley

    I love this! I love this type of artwork and the meaning it has to you and your family. I have never been to either one of these places but it has always been my number one dream to go to London.

  19. HER. Boutique

    Love this post and all the decor! so cute!

    xo – HER. Boutique

  20. Tess Felber

    Such a beautiful room! I love how you kept it classic and clean with the white and grey. I Marra’s drawing of the whole family! SOOO cute, why does she call you Hersh? I like it 🙂
    xx Tess |

  21. Victoria

    Wow this wall looks so Pintrest❤️I love it

  22. amwfashion

    My style, love it!!!!

  23. Monika

    Great idea! I am doing the same on my wall!

  24. Michelle

    Your room is beautiful. I would love to know the color of the paint you have on the walls and the ceiling. Love your Blog!!

  25. fatema jaffer

    can you tell me where the table lamps on the nightstands are from?

  26. Isa

    Love this! Did this bed come as a set or did you purchase the headboard separately.thx ☺️

    1. Hi Isa! I got the headboard and frame together but couldn’t find the full set in stock at the time of this post. It looks like it’s available again – here’s a link!

  27. Lauren

    Hi! Do you mind to share the paint colors used in your room?

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