First Day of School

Whenever you ask B for a kiss, he sticks his tongue out. He will try to lick your face before he kisses you haha.

Their kill me!

I’m dying over , especially the way they scrunch up his leg. And his pose!!

Post “kiss” – B totally got Wes’ face with a lick kiss.

Loving for boys and it’s under $20.

Cody and I were literally in tears laughing at B’s poses!

I love getting such candid shots of the kids like this! They are seriously priceless.

MARA: | |

WES:   (ON SALE – 20% OFF) |  | |


I can’t believe summer break is officially over!! The kids went back to school today {Tear emoji} Beckam is old enough now to realize he is missing out and tries to tag along with his own backpack – it’s so cute! Everyone thinks Mara and Wes are twins but Wes is actually 2 years younger than Mara. He’s starting 1st grade this year and Mara is going into 3rd. I swear yesterday she was starting Kindergarten!

I think I enjoy back to school shopping with the kids just as much if not more then the kids lol.  I’m such a shoe person that of course I can’t help getting into the shoe spirit picking out new shoes for the kids. I’m obsessed with (under $30) we found for Mara. They are seriously so cute! I always get cute matching sneakers for the kids, and just got . I love that they are leather so they are easy to clean. I actually got these same sneakers for Wes last year too (post here) and just ordered the bigger this year.

Wes gets hot really easy, but likes to have sleeves, so I always struggle to find light weight hooded layers for school. I love all these lightweight  (comes in multiple designs). He loves having a hood and you can never have too many thin layers for school. We also got this .

Below are a few more great back to school pieces from .


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  1. Dana Mannarino

    So cute!

  2. Liz - Shopping My Closet

    Cute pictures of the kids!

    Liz @

  3. Michelle

    Those kids are so adorable! B had me cracking up with his poses! Love!!

  4. Liv

    Everyone looks so cute. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Azu

    Your kids are adorable <3 I like their outfits. And you look lovely as well!

    xo Azu

  6. brett

    Super cute post!

  7. Ev

    Nice post dear 😉

  8. Irene B

    Your kids are amazing!

  9. Kristen

    Oh my goodness, the pose of B on the left looks like you and the right looks like Cody. Love these!

  10. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    So cute . . . Everyone is so cute! 🙂

  11. Tess Felber

    Your kids are adorable!!
    xx Tess |

  12. Kelsey Bang

    you seriously have the cutest kids ever! darling looks you all!

  13. Simi

    That was a great back to school post! I love the poses of Beckam, he is a real model 😀

  14. Peppermint Dolly

    Such a gorgeous post and some really beautiful family pictures for you to treasure!


  15. Rachel

    They are all so stinkin cute!! I love these sweet pictures. 🙂


  16. Mel

    Your family is so cute!

  17. Abi

    love it! so freakin cute

  18. Natali

    Super sweet photos and perfect “back to school” outfits. 🙂

  19. marie from heartfelt hunt

    these pictures are so so soooo cute! they look gorgeous and so happy! 🙂


  20. Candace

    B is such a little ham!!



  21. Kathryn

    Such cute outfits for the kiddos!

    xx Kathryn

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