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DYING over her outfit! How cute is her little dress, hat, and glasses!

This picture sums up our life 75% of the time. Mara teasing Wes, Wes tickling Beckam, Beckam flayling his arms from being tickled and hitting Wes, Wes upset cause he got poked, Beckam wanting to give Wes a hug because Wes is upset and Beckam just wants Wes attention all the time.  Wes not wanting his hug. Then Beckam melting down because Wes doesn’t want his love lol. Sibling love lol!


MARA:  (ON SALE – 40% OFF) |  (ON SALE – 25% OFF) |  (ON SALE – 30% OFF) |  (ON SALE – 50% OFF)

WES:  (ON SALE – 30% OFF) |  (ON SALE – 30% OFF) |  (ON SALE – 40% OFF)

BECKAM:  |  |

School is officially in full swing. As much as I love summer break, I think a part of the kids and even myself like the routine of school. And I am sooo excited for fall clothes! If it’s a little cloudy I am pulling out fall layers as an excuse to break into my fall wardrobe even though it’s probably cloudy and 75-80 degrees. Are you guys so excites for fall too?

Most of the back to school pieces I got for the kids are fall pieces. I like to get core pieces that are versatile enough that the kids can and will wear all through the year. That means pieces that will hold up well, can mix-and-match easily with other pieces, and that don’t break the bank. I always love classic prints and timeless styles for kids, you guys have seen them on my blog a million times – it’s always one of our big stops for back to school shopping.

One of my favorites this year was  (so excited to twin with her and I am always looking for cute hats for her! She’s a hat girl as much as I am!) These (on sale) were a big score! I love little booties on her! They have zippers on the side so they are really easy to get off and on. In love with for the boys! I have gotten them in a different color every year. You can see the blue high tops from last year (they are still available this year) in this post. Also the boys’ are another staple. We have gotten a few for Wes and Beckam in multiple colors every year. They are great for layering!

Below are some more of my favorite staples for girls and boys that are really easy to mix and match for back to school. I like to stick to pieces that are really versatile, darkers colors that don’t stain easily, and patterns that I can mi and match a lot (hello and !)

GIRLS’ BACK TO SCHOOL BASICS: 1.  | 2.  (ON SALE – 60% OFF) | 3.  (ON SALE – 50% OFF) | 4.  | 5.  (ON SALE – 30% OFF)  | 6.  (ON SALE – 30% OFF) |  7.   | 8.  (ON SALE – 25% OFF)

Every girl needs  (Mara lives in them!). I love for a casual layer. These and are also great staples that she will want to wear with a or jeans and .


BOYS’ BACK TO SCHOOL BASICS: 1.  (ON SALE – 30% OFF) | 2.  (ON SALE – 40% OFF) | 3.  (ON SALE – 40% OFF) | 4.  (ON SALE – 40% OFF) | 5.  (35% OFF) | 6.  (ON SALE – 30% OFF) | 7.  (ON SALE – 25% OFF) | 8.  (ON SALE – 20% OFF)

Wes loves comfy clothes. This neutral (also got ) is great for him to move in and give him a little more motion than jeans. And I mentioned it earlier but love all   they have for boys. Old Navy has great shoes for boys!

XX, Christine

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  1. brett

    Love your dress! And Mara’s look is too cute!

  2. Paula

    You have the cutest kids!


  3. Natali

    Sporty, comfy and super sweet outfit! Your little ones are such a mini fashionistas! 😀

  4. Liz - Shopping My Closet

    Mara looks too cute with the glasses!

    Liz @

  5. Aleksandra

    Great photos!

  6. Torey Beerman

    Obsessed with your fall outfit! I’m back to teaching and school full swing and boy is it rough getting used to the new routines 😉 but at least fall wardrobes are something to look forward to!!


  7. Sophie

    This is such a great casual look!

    I post every Monday and Thursday, I would love it if you stopped by! 🙂

  8. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Yasss … Casually beautiful! 🙂

  9. Jada Nicola

    Love that grey pencil dress you are wearing! Definitely a closet staple!

  10. mary

    love her lil dress

    love the old navy dress link too thanks so much
    hope the kids have a great school year….

  11. Ev

    Beautiful photos!

  12. Victoria

    You look so cute???

  13. Giada

    Mara is amazing!
    your kids are so cute!


  14. Malu

    You look absolutely fabulous, love it! <3 🙂
    xx Malu

  15. Marina

    I love Old Navy for kids clothes, always shop there for my son. Love all the looks. Thank you for sharing.


  16. Kelli Testa

    These outfits are so cute! I always forget about Old Navy! They have some great finds!

    Kelli xx

  17. Ritu Pandit

    OMG thats such amazing photos. The photography, the style & the cutest one’s are the kid.
    I loved it all

  18. Yana

    Your family is so cute! 🙂

  19. Fashion Haul

    Awesome dressing style. You looks fab in this dress. I like your dress and shoes very much. Really love it all!

  20. RIn

    I love how you styled the basic knit dress.

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