Ultimate Travel Guide: 9 Must-Do’s and Don’ts in Maui

This post is so long overdue – I had shared a couple posts here, here, and here when we were in Maui, but wanted to share a mini travel guide of some of our Do’s and Don’ts for Maui!

FIRST ONE is 1. DON’T: Over book. Maui is a really laid-back, slow-paced spot and even though there’s so much to do on the island, you won’t be able to appreciate it with a full itinerary. Cody’s family is always go-go-go on vacation and I tend to lounge more, so I think it ends up being a good balance – where there’s enough on your schedule to keep you moving but not too much that you don’t have down time. There’s nothing better than finding a good hammock with a view, or a pretty spot to let B get some energy out.


2. DO: Stay at . The property is right on the beach (a non busy beach which is nice!) We were constantly going back and forth from the beach to the pool so I loved the location! Infiniti pools are my all time favorite, but they are 1000x better with a view overlooking the beach. So pretty! The rooms are so spacious, especially the bathrooms! I love having big bathrooms when we are at beachy places because we are always all usually trying to get ready so fast after the pool or beach to head to dinner and explore more. The resort has great restaurants and daycare so you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to, but there is a lot of stuff right by too: shopping within quick walking distance, good restaurants, and of course beaches.

Favorite lounge place at the resort! Best views for sunset!

Tell me this isn’t the best ‘Wet Floor’ sign you’ve ever seen at a resort! I have an obsession with pineapples!!


3. DO: Cliff jump. Even if you are afraid of heights, or don’t think jumping off a cliff into the ocean is something you would ever want to do, DO IT!!! There is nothing like the rush of doing something you never think you would do!Make sure you get a photo to prove it though. 😉 We went cliff jumping over by Kapalua Bay it’s on the opposite side of the island about 45minute drive so plan a day for exploring and seeing different beaches.

4. DO: Stop at the Fresh Fruit Stands! I couldn’t get enough of all the cool food trucks and fresh fruit stands.  This smoothie stand was so cute and of course everything tasted amazing (would you expect anything less of fresh fruit in Hawaii? haha). Also obsessed with all the pineapples!


5. DON’T: Be afraid to go barefoot! Embrace the island, go no makeup, go barefoot! It’s seriously so freeing!

6. DO: Pay attention to the waves and currents! We went to Big Beach and jumped right in. We heard the waves were big but didn’t think much of it – I thought I was a strong swimmer then the under current kicked in and me and my friend both got sucked under. The life guard is yelling get out of the water get out of the water lol. What was more funny is literally two minutes later, local kids were rolling in the waves no big deal! The locals definetly handle the waves soooo much better but don’t under estimate how strong the current is! It can easily suck you under!


7. DO: Catch every sunset. I always make it a point, no matter where we are traveling, to have a good view at sunset. Cody teases me that I comment on how amazing the colors are, and that I’ve never seen anything prettier, and then say the exact same thing 30 seconds later and repeat it about 10 times before the sun actually sets. Wailea has some amazing view points for a good view of sunset over the water. Nothing beats those colors! Also wait it out!!! The first picture below is at the verrrrrry end of the sunset the colors all of sudden went crazy bright and colorful like nothing I have ever seen before. The ones below that pic are earlier in the sunset so wait it out for the rich colors! They only last seconds but they are so beautiful!!

DETAILS:  (UNDER $50 – ) | 

8. DO: Go to the cutest lemonade and smoothie place on the island. It’s called Wow Wow Lemonade! Typing this post is already making me crave their delicious smoothies again!

9. DO: Take a private helicopter ride to a secluded waterfall! This is an exclusive experience through and hands down, the coolest thing we did in Maui! They take you on a private helicopter tour to a private, secluded waterfall (up to 4 passengers :). I was screaming so much I lost my voice before we even landed at the waterfall. It was an open-door helicopter so we got that adrenaline rush but the views were even more of a rush. Seriously I can’t even describe it, but it’s one of those things that I never would have thought to add to my bucket list but now that I’ve done it I can’t suggest it enough. These pictures don’t even do it justice, but it was such a trip! I’ll be sharing more pictures soon but had to share a few!


What are some of your favorite things to do in Maui??

XX, Christine

*Photos by Aaron Brimhall and some from my iphone 🙂 // Also big thanks to the Four Season’s for hosting our family!


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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Beautiful photos in Maui! 👍😘👍

  2. Natali

    Absolutely magical photo diary and such a great travel advices! You are so right about the sunsets, barefoot walks and fresh fruit stands, those are some precious moments no money can buy as we say. Loved this post!

  3. Naty diaw

    useful guide

  4. mansi patel

    What were some of your fav food places Christine? I totally missed the right spots and will
    Be going back this winter

  5. Tabitha

    How beautiful! I love the ocean and everything tropical, and this looks like a dream. Everything just seems so surreal picturesque. I think I need to vacation there!


  6. Samantha erwin

    I’ve been a few times and I can’t get enough of the snorkeling outside Kapalua Bay!! It’s a water entry of rocks but so fun! Also love the restaurant Fridas in Lahaina and of course Wailea beach 🙂

    1. Oh need to try that restaurant!!

  7. Michael @ Mile in My Glasses

    Gorgeous photos Christine! It looks like you had the most unbelievable time! So wonderful!

    I hope you’re having a great end to your Thursday,

  8. Amanda

    Seriously my favorite post of yours ever!!!! I’m dying to go there now! That helicopter ride!


  9. Elizabeth

    These photos are truly amazing, especially the one of you and your husband in front of the waterfall! <3 🙂 Such a magical and dreamy shot! Hawaii is sooo pretty, and I love the sunsets so much too!

    XO, Elizabeth

  10. fortune dushey

    I am dying to visit Hawaii. These photos are gorgeous! The helicopter ride sounds amazing and the sunsets look dreamy:)

  11. Ewa Macherowska

    Great guide and beautiful photos <3 Absolutely love it! x

  12. The pink pineapple

    Beautiful pics
    New post:

  13. Judi

    Beautiful but did you actually jump off the cliff? Seems so scary.

    1. Ya I jumped off the lower level one haha

  14. Courtney

    Wow- these pictures look amazing! I went cliff jumping on The Big Island this summer and it was incredible. Next time I will have to visit Maui and stay at the Four Seasons. I just love all the fresh fruit stands! And the pineapple water sign is too cute haha.
    Courtney ||

  15. Jayde

    I think I need to go to Maui just to see a sunset! I can’t believe all those incredible colours! I also love taking a more relaxed approach to my holidays! There is nothing worse than rushing around trying to fit in a million things then getting home exhausted, feeling like you need a holiday from your holiday. I’m really enjoying my slow travels lately!
    Jayde x

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