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His face!! Love my little cleaning buddy!

OMG HAPPPPPPY 2018!!!!!! Hope you guys got to relax and enjoy time with family between the holidays! After the holidays I get into major cleaning mode! The place we are in until our home is done is a lot smaller than our last place which is great because it’s so much faster to pick up but I’ve also realized it’s so much easier to get messy! It’s helped me get in the habit of cleaning and picking up the house every day before bed. Beckam is at that age where he is starting to help with more chores besides just putting his toys away. Dishes have become his favorite thing to help with. If I’m totally honest, the “washing” process with him usually makes a little bit bigger of a mess with bubbles and water everywhere but I love that he wants to help. 🙂

You guys know I am a big fan of . I’ve been using their stuff ever since Beckam was born. I never used to worry about the ingredients in products until I had kids. their new cleaning line is so good and smells magical. I also love that their packaging is so pretty too, it even looks good sitting out. We usually leave our dish soap on the counter and I love that it looks prettier than typical soap. Their hand soap is really gentle and hypo-allergenic which is a must because B and I both have really sensitive skin. All of their cleaners work super well and smell so fresh. Below are some more of my favorite . Their Grapefruit Grove scent is my fave – have you guys tried? So good!


Xx, Christine

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  1. Tabitha

    Great post! I don’t have children, but I’m very aware of what ingredients are in what. I love the Honest company, especially their food and stevia sodas. No sugar, no artificial junk with the same taste.


  2. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Ohhh so cute! What a precious little moments! 💗👍🏼💗

  3. Stacey

    These pictures are so cute. I definitely go into a huge cleaning mode after the holidays. I need to check this company out. I just recently became more concerned about what ingredients are in all my products.


  4. Natali

    Those are way too sweet photos!! You have the best little helper!! 🙂

  5. Briana

    Oh so sweet, looks like a great product!


  6. Ewa Macherowska

    So cute! 🙂

  7. Michael @ Mile in My Glasses

    Such a cute post! Happy 2018 Christine!

    I hope you’ve had a lovely Tuesday!

  8. Jandrew

    So cute ! Love these shots !
    Dress The Part

  9. Elizabeth

    Awww Beckam is adorable! <3 😀 I loved these photos so much! Happy 2018!

    XO, Elizabeth


    Loved the photos – so adorable!! Happy 2018!

  11. fatou

    tjhis is amazing!

  12. Maranda

    Where is your sweatshirt from? I love it.

  13. Ana

    It’s so wonderful to be able to get the kids involved while we work. I enjoy the work so much more with them by my side helping!
    Happy New Year!!

  14. Julia Zhuravlova

    funny! cute shots☺

  15. Vaishali

    Aww such a sweetheart he is <3 <3

  16. Jessica

    So adorable! I can’t wait until mine are old enough to help clean! Though, my 2 year old definitely tries to sweep already! haha

  17. Jae

    I’m running low on kitchen stuff and after reading your post, I think I might give Honest a try! Happy New Year, Christine!

  18. Fatou

    this look is fantastic!

  19. Emily

    LOVE this POST! I am all about clean ingredients and doing a big deep clean after the holidays!
    I also LOVE that sweatshirt! Details on that please!

  20. Ashley

    I love the photos. Try putting the dish soap in an olive oil bottle. It looks very pretty on the counter and works well. See: .

  21. Hope

    Where is this white hoodie from? It’s so cute!!

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