California Spring Break

Hey guys! I wanted to put together a full round up of all my outfits from our trip to California last week for spring break since I’ve gotten so many questions. I’m so sad isn’t working the same as it used to! Facebook changed their algorithm so you when you like my outfit pictures it won’t email you anymore. But you can follow me in the app to see my outfits still, and I’ll always add details here on the blog too!

DETAILS: |  | (ALSO GOT ) |  (UNDER $25)

I was so excited to go back to the flower fields with the family. I took Beckam when he was two years old and talked Cody into going again because I am obsessed with all things flowers! They still get me every time! The colors were actually richer this year than when I went last time.

This is the perfect It’s more of a beach coverup but we had just come from the beach so it worked 😉  I love the playful length of it so it works great for the beach or grabbing lunch. Love pieces that do double duty, especially for traveling! It’s such a great price point too.

is under $20! I ordered both colors they are super comfortable.

Cody’s brother and his family came with us on the trip! We usually do every spring break with their family – don’t know if you guys remember last year’s trip to Costa Rica 🙂


We hiked Runyon canyon (my first time) Cody’s been a couple times,  and it was so cool to get a different view of the city! It was a little smoggy so you couldn’t see everything – I want to do it again next time we go to get the full views!


As much as I wear neutrals, I really love color so I’ve noticed I always go for something bright with swimwear. I saw on my friend Jaci’s account and was in love, plus it’s under $100!

DETAILS:  & | |  |  (UNDER $25)

I guess I’m on ! I was obsessed with this one the second I saw it! Blues are one of my favorite colors for this season. I love the bright blue shade of and the ruffles make it feel super unique. Also, ! I’ve been wearing them non-stop lately. They are such a fun detail to add to a spring look. Also what do you think of Cody wearing my sunglasses lol. He always forgets his and ends up wearing some of mine. These ones aren’t bad but sometimes I only have really girly ones and he still wears them lol.


It rained a couple of the days we were down there 🙁 We were hoping for a little warmer weather. So when we couldn’t hit the beach we biked around the city – one of the hotels we were at let you rent bikes for free for a couple hours so everyone got to ride. I had just got this cute under $100, so I was excited to bust it out with the cooler weather on the trip :).

Even on the colder days we had to check the beach to see if the weather was bearable. I snapped this shot of Cody and loved how it turned out! We’ve been doing all our own pics lately, we used to do about 50/50 and I’ve just been so excited to be a little more creative and shoot our own stuff. Even on a cloudy day, the beach is so stunning! And this beach was close to the airport in San Diego so planes fly over every like 15 minutes its so cool!!


Haha ok I’m realizing a trend now – does California bring out anyone else’s love of bright, bold pieces? I saw and was obsessed. Definitely a statement piece and so much fun to wear! And your probably wondering where Mara and Wes were in these last couple pics – people get so weird if they don’t see them in every picture – they were off getting donuts with their cousins while we said goodbye to the beach 🙂 Whenever we travel with family all the kids – Beckam included  love playing with their cousins so much I feel like we have to drag them away to hang out with us. Anyone else have this problem 😉

Below are a few more colorful favorites:

XX, Christine

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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Beautiful families and a lovely photos of the trip! 💗👍🏼💗

  2. Tabitha

    Beautiful photos! I’m loving how your own photography is turning out. I hope you do some posts over photo tips. This trip looked so much fun and that flower field is gorgeous! What is the name of it??


  3. Amanda

    Is this the carlsbad flower field? Thinking of going next week!

    1. Ya it is! 🙂 Have so much fun!

  4. Michael @ Mile in My Glasses

    I love these photos! Your trip looks like it was so much fun, I love your outfits!

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Molly

    Beautiful pictures! I can’t wait for summer weather to pull out all more shorts and summer dresses.
    xoxo Molly


    I love this trip, I would love to visit the flower fields! I know you may have answered this already, but I am getting into photography ad would love to know what type of cameras you use? Do you use Lightroom to edit your photos? They are so pretty!

    1. Ya I use Lightroom to edit my photos 🙂 Most of these were actually just taken on my iPhone a few were done on the camera and we have a canon mark iii 🙂

  7. Kathrin

    I love all the cute looks! Warm weather makes me gravitate towards bright colors too!

  8. Fatou

    This is so adorable!! the kids look like they had fun

  9. Natali

    Such a beautiful photo diary, looks like you had the best Spring break ever! Love all of your swimsuits/ bikinis!

  10. Ewa Macherowska

    Dreamy <3

  11. Maria Avila

    I love your fashion sense and blog! You’ve inspired me to find my own unique style, and even ponder about starting my own blog. I would love to know how being half Colombian has impacted your fashion sense.
    Sending blessings to you and your family!

  12. Elizabeth

    Hope you all had an amazing time in LA! <3 🙂 Loving all of these great photos!

    XO, Elizabeth

  13. Katya

    These are beautiful and lovely photos! I bet it was a nice trip.

  14. John

    Very cool look, what camera are you taking pictures of? Pictures are very cool turned out, probably you have some professional photoport. I travel too, because I work as a freelancer on the site so I’m not tied to a specific place. In which store do you buy such beautiful clothes?

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