The Perfect Night That Wasn’t So Perfect

Oh my heart! It kills me when they are twinning!!


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Happy Monday guys!! How was your weekend? Ever since it’s started warming up here we can’t help but to be outside as much as possible. These pics were from last week, One of B’s favorite things to do lately is ride his bike around the neighborhood (before everyone freaks out about not having his helmet one- he has one and wears it!! He just wanted to show our friends his new bike before Cody went to dinner with his friends 🙂 On laid back days like this I totally go for my typical mom uniform which usually includes and a good basic tank. are so comfy and I love wearing them with more casual outfits. I’m also obsessed with these layered necklaces ( and ) and have been wearing them with everything!

This weekend Mara and Wes were over (I always get so many dm’s asking why they aren’t in more pics, or who these new kids in my insta stories are lol, so I know I sound like a broken record but they are my step babies and we only have them part time 🙂 We started doing yard work this weekend, and some spring cleaning getting ready to have people over! We have a covered patio in the back on the second floor of our house and we haven’t done anything with it since we moved in, it had patio furniture I bought the summer before but we were gone so much it never got assembled 🙈 so this weekend we cleaned it all up and finally put the furniture together! I had this fun idea to build a tent and camp outside on the patio, sleep under the stars with the kids and eat popcorn all night. It was going to be perfect, so we borrowed my sister in laws tent, attempted to set it up – Cody and I ended up arguing over how to put up the tent half way into it lol, realized it wouldn’t stay up super well because it’s on a patio and we don’t have dirt to secure it down to, so needless to say my picture perfect tent night under the stars turned into a disgruntled mess! Ha! Cody and I ended up laughing about it because I think as a parent sometimes we create these “special” moments in our head of what we want something to be, and it doesn’t work out! So the next night, Cody pulled our mattresses onto the deck and set up the tv with popcorn and blankets all sweet to surprise us. We started to watch The Wizard of Oz, and realized how noisy it was and that we all get allergies haha – we bagged it again.

Now everyone is asleep in our room and I’m wide awake for some reason, watching reruns of The Office, and just thinking about how thankful I am for family…. anyways – have you guys had one of those moments you build up in your head and it doesn’t quite work out 😉



XX, Christine

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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Beautiful family moments captured! Love ♥️ it!

  2. Natali

    Loved reading about your weekend and funny not so perfect tent night! 😀 Lovely photos, you guys are so sweet! Also, love how protective you are of your step kids, you are truly a remarkable woman!

  3. Vaida

    Loving your stories x
    I wonder how you edit your pictures, would you be able to go through all editing on ? x

  4. tabitha

    Great post! As someone who daydreams of how events will go, I know this feeling all too well. I’m trying to let go of those expectations and just take what comes. Great outfit by the way, I love those converse!


  5. Karli Kuhari

    What a cute idea! But definitely something I can see being more difficult to make a reality than it seems in your mind. I’m sure the kids appreciated and enjoyed the effort! And I hear you on the allergies – mine are at full force this week now that it’s finally warming up!

  6. heather

    It does my heart good to see glamorous, gorgeous women like you in their mom-iform! It makes me feel better about my everyday casual outfits!

  7. Michael

    Looks like fun to me. :))

  8. Ewa Macherowska

    Perfect as always! 🙂

  9. Margarita Maslova

    Love your family so much)

  10. Elizabeth T.

    Love these heartwarming photos! <3 🙂 And glad to hear that you got to have a great a memorable weekend with all of the kids! <3

    XO, Elizabeth

  11. Fatou

    I love these looks!!

  12. Avie

    Hi! Can I ask what is the preset of those pictures?

  13. Fatou

    I love this look!

  14. Caleb

    Beautiful family! You really give me quite the motivation. Looking forward to my own someday! | Fashion Store |

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