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Happy Friday, guys! Today is the first day of the  (if your not an insider you can – it’s free and basically you just get points towards free gifts and special discounts) During this sale you can get up to 15% off tons of their products, and I’ve become a major beauty junky so I wanted to share a few of my recent favorites that work for any skin type, from cult favorites to new finds that I swear by:

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DAILY: These are my go-to skincare products that I use pretty much every day, some old and new!

  • : I’ve been using this toner for years. I feel like toner is one of those steps that get skipped a lot, but it’s a must!
  • : Obsessed! It’s super tightening for fine lines under your eyes and a lot of times it takes me a few weeks to get hooked on something and see results, but this one had me hooked in days! You guys have to try it.
  • : I just start using this one in the last couple months. Cody and I have been putting it to the test and it really does help with fine lines!
  • : I heard so many great things about this one and it totally lives up to the hype! It has a higher concentration than a lot of serums so it means businesses.
  • : This one dissolves dead skin cells and penetrates deep into the pores for really intense hydration. Just started trying this one, but it’s another great one.
  • : You guys have heard me mention this one a couple times. It’s a makeup setting spray but it also has SPF so it’s super easy to apply, especially if you forget to apply your SPF before you do your makeup.
  • : My signature scent! A forever favorite.
  • : I’m always worried about using products with retinol, but this one has just enough to help with anti-aging, but not too much to where I start drying out and peeling. Another new favorite I’m obsessed with!

MAKEUP: My skin is really sensitive, so I’m super picky about what I put on my face. I don’t wear makeup every single day, but here are some of my staples when I do:

  • : I think this is a new cult favorite but its another one that’s worth the hype. So good for that dewy glow.
  • : What girl doesn’t love a little extra plump! Love this one.
  • :  My makeup artist recommended the Becca primers and I love both of them!
  •  This one is really hydrating and hypoallergenic! Great for days when you want a full coverage foundation.

WEEKLY: We all need those pick-me-ups – here are some your skin will thank you for!

  • : Yes! This one is true to it’s name and makes your skin feel like a baby’s! It works as a mini facial to brighten and tighten your skin, while gently exfoliating at the same time.
  • : I love a good charcoal mask and this one is weirdly gratifying since you can see where it’s working, haha.
  • : Because even if you are religious about your SPF, your face still needs a little color. Love these!
  • : This one is like a protein smoothie for your face to give you fresher, stronger looking skin.

Below are a few more great products on sale right now at Sephora!


XX, Christine


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    Great post! I’m so happy to see you included a lot Drunk Elephant items. I love that their stuff is natural. I need to try it out.


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    I love these look! Thanks for sharing these product!

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    Sunday Riley is my favourite! I definitely am going to be catching some if these sales!

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    Drunk elephant is so popular lately! I must give it a try too! <3 🙂

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