Happy Monday you guys! I love starting out my week with a little extra motivation, so every Monday morning everyone from my team shares an inspirational quote or saying we found throughout the week. Once I started paying attention and making a list of my favorites, I feel like I started noticing more ! I love to write out quotes and have them laying around my office or house for little reminders throughout the week and for a spontaneous pick-me-up. Below are a few of my recent favorites that are perfect for some extra Monday morning motivation.


Have a great week!

XX, Christine


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  1. Roses for Fridays | by mia

    Beautiful quotes to live by! Merci for sharing. 🌷👍🏻🌷

  2. Ray Amaari

    I needed to hear this.

  3. Tabitha

    Great post! I think it’s so neat that you start off the day with a quote. I love reading quotes and it can really improve your day!


  4. Tasha juli

    So true! It’s all about taking that first step sometimes. Happy Monday!
    Tasha Juli

  5. Janine

    Such a cool idea for a blogpost! I loved the second one “But I am closer than I was yesterday” – that really means something to me! Have a great start to the week!
    xx Janine

  6. Elizabeth T.

    Loving all of these great quotes! Definitely need this extra boost of inspiration on Monday! <3

    XO, Elizabeth T.

  7. lauren

    I love this post! Such good quotes!

  8. Kathrin

    I love the quote about comfort zones. It’s so motivating and true.

  9. Jandrew

    Motivation comes from everything if you can see it .
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  10. Ray Amaari

    The beauty blender is a must.

  11. azham ahmed

    thank you for sharing we love hearing about

  12. azham ahmed

    thank you for sharing we love IT

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