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We are coming down to the wire for a last chance to order a Father’s Day gift! I always have the hardest time shopping for guys, especially my dad and Cody, so I’ve been brainstorming some Father’s Day gift ideas and wanted to share some of my favorites! Below are 13 gift ideas for every kind of dad and for any budget, starting from under $20 to some bigger investment iteams.

FOR THE MAN-CAVE DWELLER DAD: will make the most beautiful addition to any man cave!

FOR THE DAD WHO IS ALWAYS PUT TOGETHER: Instead of another tie this Father’s Day, switch it up with a set of .

FOR THE DAD WHO IS ALWAYS YOUNG AT HEART: The adult version of a paper airplane, will have him feeling like Peter Pan. It also makes a great gift from the kids since it’s something they will enjoy together! is under $50.

FOR THE JETSETTING DAD: (they say “This Bag Is Not Yours”) is the perfect touch for the dad who is always traveling, and he’ll think of you every time he grabs his suitcase. is also another great idea – it’s under $100 and makes the perfect carry-on.

FOR THE FIRST TIME DAD: You might not be able to give him a solid 8 hours of sleep when he needs it the most, but will make those late nights and early mornings a little less painful. looks so cozy and is under $100!

FOR THE TECHIE-WITH-TASTE DAD: How beautiful is ! If he has to spend hours on end at the computer, he might as well do it in style. I also love for his Airpods which is under $20.

FOR THE DAD WHO IS IMPOSSIBLE TO SHOP FOR: We all know that dad who has us scratching our head every Father’s Day. Cody is always so hard to shop for, so when I’m super stumped, an no-brainer is to restock . Right now you can get a coordinating bag with the purchase of .

FOR THE OUTDOORSY DAD: How cool is !? Whether he’s a camper, tailgater, or just loves to grill, will be a fast favorite. (Plus it’s under $100!)

FOR THE DAD WITH A 9-TO-5: You guys saw on my stories last night – it’s a high quality shaver that is designed to last 7 years so not only will he use it on the regular, it will also a gift that will last.

FOR THE DAD WHO IS SECRETLY JEALOUS OF THEIR WIFE’S MULTI-STEP BEAUTY ROUTINE: And even if they aren’t jealous, they are at least curious, right?! Whether you are just introducing him to the world of skincare routine or he is the one recommending new products to you, he will love (it gets amazing reviews!)

FOR THE DAD WHO HAS IT ALL: Maybe the ultimate Father’s Day gift, but a guy can never have too many watches! I love .

FOR THE STAY AT/WORK FROM HOME DADS: Brighten up their home office or just their favorite nook at home with a game-changing candle. Dying to smell – have any of you tried it??

With any gift, I think it’s always important to add a personal touch – a handmade gift from the kids or a pic of you and your dad – something sentimental always goes a long way! Below are a few more Father’s Day ideas for multiple budgets. Let me know in the comments if you’ve had any great ideas to add!

XX, Christine

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  1. Janine

    These are awesome gift ideas, thank you so much for sharing!
    xx Janine

  2. Elizabeth T.

    In love with all of these picks, especially that AirPod case 🙂 It’s so elegant yet classy!

    XO, Elizabeth T.
     |  | 

  3. Ruth Josey

    This is a great list of ideas! I’m intrigued by the iPhone -controlled paper airplane and that watch is beautiful!

  4. Sunny

    Such great gift ideas!! I was stressing out about but you gave me lots of inspiration!

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