As you guys have seen on my blog multiple times, is one of my favorite spots for furniture so I was so excited to partner with them to share some pics of the stuff I picked out for our back patio!

Good accent pillows always make a huge difference. Love these and is 30% off.

Love ! You can never have too many surfaces.

Don’t forget to add something green to add some more life to the space! Love and .

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We just finalized the last few touches on our back patio and just in time to start soaking in the perfect weather! I think the view from our back patio is all of our favorite part of the house, so as soon as it was set up it became our go-to spot, whether we are eating meals outside, catching up on emails and work, or just grabbing a good magazine or book, we are out here every day.

You probably recognize a few of these pieces from our last house – I bought and at World Market last year. I love the crisp white with the wooden contrast! One thing I realized in putting together this space was how important it is to have some contrast (and that was through trial and error of bringing random pieces home and exchanging it 🙂 but contrast brings so much depth to a space and makes it more interesting to the eye. I love how break up the whites and tans. Side note – obsessed with look of stacked end tables! It’s super functional, too – you can never have too many flat surfaces when you’re hosting.

I am also so happy with how the rugs tie the space together! There’s such a fine line between a pattern that can make a space feel too busy and just a solid rug that has the opposite effect. was perfect for the space – it’s a small print and I love the subtle variation in colors/tones throughout it, but it’s still neutral enough to not overwhelm the sitting area. Since the dining area is a little more streamlined, I wanted to bring in some more texture with the rug and love . I also tried about 3-4 dining room tables before I found the one that fit the rest of the aesthetic and I’m so happy with ! Another obvious lesson learned – don’t wing it guessing what will fit in your space – measure it out, lol (from someone who learned the hard way!)

Can’t wait to spend countless summer days outside enjoying it! Had to throw in one pic of the sunset view – it still gets me every time! Below are a few more patio pieces from World Market – tons of pieces are on sale so it’s a great time to refresh your outdoor area!

XX, Christine

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  1. Mariana

    So beautiful….

  2. Janine

    Oh wow your outside patio looks absolutely gorgeous – What a dream! The furniture you picked out looks amazing!
    Xx Janine

  3. Elizabeth T.

    Your patio is goalssss <3 🙂 I love how chic it looks during the day and how dreamy it looks at sunset!

    XO, Elizabeth T.
     |  | 

  4. Heather

    Your patio is absolutely gorgeous and it looks so cozy! And that view, don’t get me started

  5. Briana

    Your patio furniture is my favorite!


  6. Lisa Cooney

    That view is absolutely stunning. You’ve picked a perfect spot!

  7. Annie

    Really nice backyard! The view of sunset is so beautiful!-Annie From

  8. Ban

    Love your style . Where did you get your fire pits table? Thanks you 🙂

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