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I’ve been out of the game for 5 years, so I feel like I’m starting all over when it comes to knowing the must-haves for a newborn! My best friend just had her baby this year and I got for her from her registry – I hadn’t heard of it but moms and dads swear by it, so it’s definitely one on my list! Have you guys tried it? are another one of my favorite baby trends we are seeing right now. I love the idea of having a perfect nap-spot that you can move in and out of different rooms around the house depending on what your day has in store. We don’t have any of Beckam’s old nursery furniture (after 3 moves, I’m surprised we have anything from 5 years ago 😂) so we are starting from scratch again! I know I want a good rocker and I love ! Another must, must-have that all my friends have recommended is . It’s a wearable baby monitor that you put on your baby’s foot that tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep and alerts you to anything out of the ordinary through the app. There’s definitely a fine line between paranoia and standard parental concern, and makes all the difference!

Then there are those tried and true products that I was obsessed with last time around with Beckam and will definitely be using with this little guy. You long time followers will remember how much I loved – so gentle and I love the scent! Their are my absolute favorite.   was another item that we used for Beckam and he absolutely loved it. It’s a baby swing that lets you choose from different swinging motions and speeds and you can even pair your own music to the swing with Bluetooth. And last but not least, white ! As much as I love cute baby clothes, I buy in bulk in just neutrals or solids. There are always explosions, spit up, and all kinds of incidents that result in multiple wardrobe changes a day, haha so I always have on hand for a quick outfit change when needed! You’ll always be grateful you can throw them in something fresh and clean.

Walmart just launched a this year so they are a great destination if you are registering for yourself or looking for inspo for other soon-to-be mamas. They have everything from nursery decor to the must-haves like car seats and strollers and brands at all different price points, so it’s a great place to if you are on the hunt!

Do you guys have any other suggestions on must-have newborn products I’m missing? Now that I’m approaching my third trimester I feel like it’s crunch time, so let me know in comments below what I need!

XX, Christine

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  1. Elizabeth T.

    Ahh I love the color palette! <3 🙂 Such cute selections!

    XO, Elizabeth T.
     |  | 

  2. Katie

    That’s a great list you got! I literally love it all 😍
    Definitely yes to the Dockatot! It was our favorite,by a landslide! We used it daily,and now we upgraded to the grand so our little guy is comfy wherever we go! He always naps at his grandparents house,and it’s amazing,because we know he’ll be just as comfy as he is at home! It’s also great for when you go to the park or on vacation! You can use it anywhere,and the baby will be comfy! They also came out with a canopy for them! Which I think would be great for if and when you decide to go out to a park or wherever! If you’re interested,definitely check it out! I know I will be next baby! Our other tried and true is the 4moms playard! It’s amazing! So simple and easy to use! Probably our most used item,besides for the dockatot,obviously! Lol

  3. Amanda

    Beautiful post and very inspiring as always. Great job on the photo shoot also!!

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