In sharing some recent buys on Insta stories, I realize how much this platform has expanded from just style and beauty to so much more! It’s been an amazing journey and you guys have become like friends to me, so I keep finding myself sharing some of the most random things! So I am embracing it! 😂 I wanted to share 10 random things I’ve bought recently and loved (and trust me, it gets really random haha). Let me know what you guys think and if I should share more of my favorite random buys on a regular basis!

When I swapped out all my felt hangers for wood hangers it made a huge difference! I’ve been wanting to do the same for the kids’ closets and finally just bit the bullet and got these to replace all the plastic hangers with these . It really changes the feel of the closet and makes it feel like more of a boutique, which also makes it easier to keep organized. Win-win! Somebody also sent me a DM that Target is having a great sale right now, so if you need to buy hangers in bulk they have (haven’t seen them in person, but heard they are great!) and you can get $40 off if you spend $100 with code: COLLEGE – great deal!

This is and I can’r recommend it enough! It leaves your hair super smooth and the smell is amazing. Definitely a must try if you haven’t yet!

How cute is !? It got me so excited to start getting more baby toys and actually was part of my inspo for the nursery design. Beckam is going to share a room with the baby, so I wanted it to work for both boys – I’m excited to share more progress but I’m excited to incorporate some wooden accents like this cute camera. Also love !


The kids have loved riding bikes this summer, so we just added two new family members and . We also got which has a camera mount so the kids can capture some cool shots on their rides with .

I’ve been living in since I got them last week! It’s a really comfortable material and I love the ruching detail, plus they are under $20.

Now that I’ve stocked up on diapers and , I feel like I am halfway there in prepping for baby. (Even though it’s barely a dent, it’s definitely two that will get a lot of use so I feel like it was a leap in the right direction haha.) Walmart has in tons of cute prints – such a good deal! I also stocked up on these wipes.


Since our flood, we are down a lot of furniture so I found and love the price point (under $15!) and color options. Super versatile and perfect for an extra surface or for the kids’ rooms.

I just bought and have yet to try it, BUT I thought it was such an interesting idea that I had to share! I will report back as soon as I use it and let you know how it works, but can’t wait to get a much needed glow.

You know my weird pregnancy cravings were going to rear their head at some point! This one came out of left field for me, but are my favorite snack right now! It might sounds like a pregnancy craving, but you guys need to try them!

You guys last saw this set in this post sharing my beauty favorites from the Anniversary Sale and I have been using these shades non-stop since! I am a huge fan of – they are all really moisturizing too, and these colors are so good.


Below are a few more products that I’m ready to add to my cart. Any new cult-worthy finds you guys have tried lately? Let me know below in comments!

XX, Christine

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  1. kesha

    Mt Olive pickles are the best! I actually live within miles of the Pickles company! Yay for me. My favorite and the bread and butter pickles. They are delicious!

  2. Paige Flamm

    I’ve been wanting to upgrade all of our hangers to wood! Those are perfect!


  3. Janine

    Hahah, I think this post made me fall even more in love with your blog haha! I love your random recommendations, because honestly, most of the times I didn’t even know I needed some of that stuff until I actually pick it up lol! Keep on sharing these random buys posts 🙂
    xx Janine

  4. Jana

    I’m a HUGE fan of the random recommendations! So fun and helpful reminders for later use if I decided I might be in need of something. Thank you for sharing, super cute and wicked fun!!

  5. Elizabeth T.

    That toy camera is adorable <3 🙂 It would make an amazing decorative piece!

    XO, Elizabeth T.
     |  | 

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  7. Jane

    Love these items and especially the pyjama shorts

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