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Last night I finally sat down and started ordering stuff for the baby and it started to sink it! My due date was moved up a few weeks, so I feel like I need to get everything settled and in order as soon as possible so I’m not having to worry about the details once the baby comes (especially if he makes an early debut!)

I shared a few of my tried & true products from my first pregnancy along with some new products I’m excited to try in this post, but today I wanted to share some staple items for your baby registry and right now everything is under $25!

BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS! We just lost a ton of our baby/kid books when our basement flooded – they were all contaminated so we had to throw them out and even though insurance reimbursed us, it’s a little daunting to begin recollecting baby and kids books, but these are a few of our favorites:

1. – Even though baby might take a few years to catch onto it, the messaging in this book is one of my favorites, even as an adult! It’s never too early to start on .

2. – Start with the basics with this ABC board book. was one we lost in the flood that I knew I would be replacing.

3. : Board books are a must have with infants! I feel like they are unexpected double duty because somehow they always turn into teething toys too. Love !

CLOSET STAPLES. Does anyone else get just as excited about getting kids clothes as pieces for your own wardrobe? Below are a few great basics:

4. – These little brother pieces are getting me right in the feels and is under $10.

5. – Subtle prints in the best neutrals will make the perfect pieces to mix and match.

6. – And of course a multi-pack of simple, grey onesies. If you read my last post, you know how much I swore by with Beckam!

TOYS & SENSORY SETS. What’s a nursery without a few toy additions? Love these for once they start to get to an age where they enjoy toys:

7. – A cute ball set is a great way to stimulate imagination and sensory development.

8. – I can already picture Beckam playing blocks with his baby brother! Love the color of and they are under $10.

9. – Also you can’t say no to a stuffed animal. How cute is (on sale under $20)

10. – This set comes with wooden shapes and magnets – another great development tool once they hit that age.

BLANKETS & SWADDLES: These are as much a comfort for babies as it is a necessity for mom! Here are my top picks for the baby registry.

11. – Beckam got a fleece blanket when he was a baby and he would not part with it for years! He could not leave the house without it. It’s crazy how attached kids can get to a blanket – love on sale under $10.

12. – These are moms best friend! Love the colors in .

13. – Mom tip: can never have too many muslin blankets. This is a great item to add to the registry.

Walmart has endless baby products so it’s a great destination to use for your, not only for affordable finds like these staples under $25, but also for the big ticket items. (Like ! I’ve heard amazing things!) Below are a few more great pieces at multiple price points that would be perfect for your baby registry.


XX, Christine

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