With my due date approaching, I am trying to knock out as much as possible before the baby gets here – everything from finalizing the last few touches on the house to getting an early start on ! Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved this time of year and there’s something about getting your done early that always makes it feel like the school year is starting off on the right foot.

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There are always the staple school supplies, like pencils and scissors, but I think it’s important to get some of those fun, creative items that give the kids something to look forward to. Here are a few cute items for her that will get her excited about packing up her book bag before the first day of school:

Notebooks: Students always burn through notebooks, so you can never have too many! Love . I am also addicted to writing out my schedule and to-do lists to stay productive, so is a great way to get them hooked!

Colorful Pens: Does anyone else feel like are the secret to success? 😂 Also love !

Something For Home: I love the idea of creating a work place at home for the kids to be able to focus and get all their homework done to help them build good study/work habits. would be perfect!

: These are another great tool to make study time more fun – love that comes in multiple colors and shapes!

Brighten Up The Basics: is one of Mara’s favorite brands for school supplies – everything they make is so bright and colorful! It’s a great way to give kids the option to add some personality to their school supplies. How cute is ? Also !

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Beckam is starting Kindergarten this year and he can’t wait to be a part of all the school year prep! He’s growing so quickly so I need to stock up on a few basics for him for the school year. I love s (great staples and I love the colors – they will go with everything!). I always get a couple versatile layers for the school year and some staple shoes that can be mixed and match with multiple looks like and .

Walmart has so many staples for back to school style for every age and they are all at amazing price points. They also have tons of backpack and lunchbox options (love !) and everything you need for easy lunches and snacks ( make it so easy!). They also break down the which you never fully appreciate until you have multiple kids in different grades you are trying to shop for haha. And of course the Walmart pick-up and delivery makes it even simpler.

Below are a few more great BTS finds at Walmart!


XX, Christine

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    Such cute items I love it! xx

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    These school supplies are adorable!


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