Mental health issue list

Many people across the globe suffer from mental illness, but they are not conscious of it. Mental disorder refers to the situation where the behavior, vision, thought, eating, etc. alter. It is hard to handle personal life, work and relationships if someone suffers from mental illness. And if you are concerned about something then the mental condition will escalate. Many individuals are searching for mental disorder management treatments and drugs. We have assembled a mental health concern list here that everyone should read.

  1. Anxiety disorders:

Mental illness shows anxiety disorders like anxiety attacks, social phobia, special phobias of anything, Obsessive cleanliness disorder(OCD), panic disorders, etc. These signs should not be ignored and properly treated on time, else these can lead to significant impairment.

  1. Behavioral and emotional disorders in children:

Children are innocent creatures and there are many factors which can cause mental illness in the child. If there is a negative environment in the house, parents always fight or if the child is abused by the elders or if the child is not treated well at home and school, then this can cause mental illness. If not treated, then it can lead to many types of disorders. This can be treated by therapies, medications, etc.

  1. Bipolar affective disorder:

This is a serious type disorder in the mental health issue list which affects human behavior. If a person is suffering from bipolar disorder then he or she can be normal at a time and too much the next time. Sudden attacks come and people feel helpless with their symptoms as they cannot control them. It is also known as manic depression as a person feels manic and depressed at the same time. The exact reason behind this condition is still unknown.

  1. Depression:

If a person is depressed, he or she will look like a normal person but on the inner side he will be depressed, dull, tense. Depression is a state where a person loses interest and enjoyment, mood disorders, etc. It is not just being sad, it is more than that and is a serious disorder as a person can have negative and suicidal thoughts.

  1. Eating disorders:

People with mental illness have eating disorders like overeating or not eating at all. It can lead to either obesity or malnutrition. Improper diet can cause psychological and physical problems.

This is a mental health issue list. These issues should be diagnosed on time and treated.

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